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mickey mouse

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm sensing a theme here

So I'm feeling like perhaps the gods have provided me with a message, and that if I'm only open to the delivery all will be explained.

iRun Magazine featured me in their February issue, reviewing the fears I had prior to my first Marathon.

Carolyn Pleasance, of Hamilton, ON is another of iRun's “So you want to run a marathon, eh?” participants. The 43-year-old mother and avid runner for years also made the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon her first. “I figured, even if I have to speed walk, I can cross this craziness off my bucket list,” she says. 
Pleasance had a list of pre-marathon concerns: “Not being able to finish. Hitting that mythical wall and bonking and failing at it. Or not getting in the long training runs. Or being injured. Or letting my training partner down and having her run off without me.” The fact that Pleasance just ran her second marathon, Disney World's Goofy Challenge in January, speaks volumes about her newfound passion. TOP TIP: Stay positive. Ditch negative self-talk.

Then the awesome ladies at Another Mother Runner, SBS and Dimity, aired their latest podcast.  It was a Q&A with runners, and they picked my question to answer. My question was how to come to terms with the fact that I'm a bit heavy and surrounded by gazelles. Dimity and Sarah said that I should run for me, not for others. I should focus on my race, my pace, my accomplishments, not how fast/far/fit my runner friends are.

Now that's three people who've suggested that I should not be so hard on myself. I'm always harder on myself than I'd be on anyone else, I'd NEVER talk to a fellow runner that way, I'd never let a friend slag on themselves like that. Why do I do it to myself?

I'm going to work on this....keep my head up, my thoughts positive and try to make myself think of my abilites the same way my friends do.

On a totally unrelated note:

I work for a bus company, and we get lost and found from the busses to our office. The other day a black plastic garbage bag arrived. My coworker opened it, and let out this horrid noise and bolted across the office onto a counter.

Turns out someone had left Rocky the Raccoon on the bus. I can't wait 'till someone comes to claim it. How do you leave your home taxidermy project on a bus?

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