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Monday, 18 March 2013

Run Chat...or hey, a photo op!

So I'm amused. I follow this great group on Twitter called Run Chat (@theRunChat).

They found the most fun way to make running more enjoyable (at least for me, I love a good distraction). They started a scavenger hunt (#theRunChatHunt), and posted a list of the items that we were to find and document on our daily miles.

We headed out on Saturday morning as part of the TYS10K training run (5 fast ks) with our cameras and our lists. 

A running sticker (13.1, 26.2, etc.) That was easy, Lori has one on her car!

Bridge (bonus for covered).  We have lots of water, therefore lots of bridges.

A giant hill you’re going to run. Wd do this a lot, we're hill training a bunch,

Christmas decorations still up. I l
ove procrastinators :-)

Historical marker/sign. For those of you keeping score, this is the Isaac Brock Monument
Speaking of historical markers, this is my OLD friend Lori at the Hermitage, which is some kind of historical building thing.

Letters from signs to create #runchat
“Welcome to” state/city/county sign

kinda cheated...it's a city sign with the CHAT letters too!  I think I should get bonus points for finding a hash tag as well.

Water (lake/river/pond) This one is too easy, LOVE being in Canada!

Trail marker or mile marker. We do that a lot too, many miles of long runs on beautiful trails.
And a scene from your favourite place to run. Speaking of beautiful trails, we are so lucky here, it's hard to pick just one favourite place to run.  How about 'almost anywhere my running buddies are'?

There's prizes too, so I hope they pick at least one of my entries and I get something cool. Don't force me to take a hundred photos on my runs (not that i don't anyways).

Say 'cheese' if you see me!


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