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mickey mouse

Friday, 8 February 2013

5 things I Love about running

So the challenge today was to come up with Five things I love about running. We are in the middle of a winter storm here, most things are closed including all the schools, most city services and everything nobody needs. Seems like a funny day to talk about running.

However, I still feel the love.....

1) I love running because I get to see my friends come rain or sleet or dark of night
2) I love running because I have the perfect excuse to go places just so I can run (Disney, Ottawa)
3) I love running because I've seen more of my city from the ground than I ever would have if I'd not run
4) I love running because people don't expect me to be a runner, I love messing with preconceptions
5) I love running because I love the bling I get when I cross the finish line.

Snowed in and amused.

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  1. I love #4! As a large guy, people seem that much more impressed when I tell them I'm training for a half marathon. Its great when you can shake people up a bit.