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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tune Up Runs and TaTas

So, we had our first official Tune Up Run for the Toronto Yonge Street 10k. I haven't had my shoes on since the Goofy in January, and it was a very cold, (like -20) windchilly blustery day. Em and I made the trek in to Toronto, leaving in the dark dark cold.

Found the Running Room (win), found free street parking (win win), got my awesome 'in Training' shirt (win win win)!
wish I could have got one for Em, must try harder next run!
The group of runners, both Digital Champions like myself and the other folks who registered for the race were huddled indoors waiting for the start of our 7-ish K run.

Allan Brookes and his team from CRS gave a rousing welcome, and introduced us to the celebs that would be sharing the street with us. There were three, I wish I could remember their names....a steeplechaser from the Olympics, a super speedy (and wonderful) young lady who just moved to Guelph, and one other speedy guy. 

We headed out into the chill....onto unfamiliar streets. Luckily the leader of the TYS10K training clinic for the Running Room was with us, and she navigated us safely back to the store. 

Speaking of the store, Em sort of pointed out that this RR had these Soldier On shirts. I've wanted one since I saw them online. Turns out two stores in Ontario carry them, the store we were in, and Barrie. Needless to say I snapped this up to wear to the Army Run in Ottawa, hopefully with my custom Canadian Sparkle Skirt. (hint, hint).

Ta Ta Time

About a million years ago a good friend gave me a kit to make a plaster cast of my chest. It was part of a breast cancer fundraiser, and 4 of us crazies got together for a day of gloopy silly laughing to immortalize and immobilize ourselves. Flash forward a few years, and I've got this blank canvas lying around my craft room. Combine that with a few dozen race bibs, and you've got art! The bibs were part of a bag I'd sewn, following these awesome instructions from blogger Melissa Schewisguth. Due to my lousy sewing skills, the bag was falling apart, so I ripped out some stitches and stuck the bibs to my bust. I thought it was fitting since I run for my heart, I normally wear the race bib on my chest, and it's all about supportive 'friend's.'

Those of you who know him may recognize John Stanton's autograph, front and centre. He was kind enough to sign my Around the Bay bib while it was part of the bag, NOT after I made this project :-).

Speaking of immortal, the folks at iRun Magazine featured me AGAIN this month! I'm so cool I can't stand myself. 
Master the Long Run. They're right, I DO need to banish the negative self-talk. The tribe has spoken!

I'm happily back in the running groove and can't wait 'till the Goofy Girls get back in  their Brooks this weekend. And I'm craving breakfast.

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