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mickey mouse

Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh the Places I'll (virtually) Go

colour me amused, one of my running buddies posted a link to this site where you can draw a radius around a point, and she chose how far from home she's run this year. So I had to try it too. Sadly despite my tendency toward OCD I've never tracked every KM I've run, so I had to rely on my Garmin for totals.

In 365 days I have run 917.45km, from my home town to almost South Carolina. That's not counting the runs I've done without my Garmin, or when it died and lost data part way through or whatever.  That's the training and running for a full marathon, one or two halfs (or was it 3?), a 15k ATB Relay...and the lead up and training for the Goofy Challenge, which will be over (celebrating) in 2 weeks!

I would say that I'll surpass that distance in 2013, but since Disney will be my 2nd and last full marathon, that kind of mileage might be a thing of the past. I want to run for fun....not that most of this training hasn't been fun, and not that I haven't found great friends on the trail, but I think a few short (;-0) half marathons next year might be just my speed.

Must remember to write about how fun it was to run a 20k training run on a treadmill...next year.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Is it wrong that I'm already packing?

I'm worse than a kid at Christmas, I'm making several lists and cross referencing them twice.

I've spent (way to much) quality time on the Disney Parks Blog http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/
and I've discovered that 2013 is the Year of the Ears. Each month will feature new ears. Anyone who has seen me work at Copps, or for that matter been in my house, knows I have a wee collection of ears.

From the huge anniversary Sorcerer Mickey hat to the fabu glow in the dark Jack Skellington ones, you can find them adorning surfaces in my Disney themed room.

What's funny is that I was on the blog looking for the information for the Jeff Galloway meet up and instead found myself mesmerized and squealing at the assorment of 'couture' ears being released in January.

Unrelated to that new discovery, I realized something that I need to commit to the deepest reaches of my grey matter. I hate running winter events. Hypothermic, Frosty, Chilly, anything with a snowman logo, Ewwww...unless it's taking place in a southern hemisphere, I don't want to do it.

Case in point, I ran the Boxing Day 10 Miler. 10 miles equals 16km in minus bleck with snow covered ice slicked roads and trails. We got that nifty fat little snowman medal. I also got cold, unhappy and tired, and was faint for 20 minutes after we ran (I think 'cause we headed indoors without cooling down, right into a hot room and were handed hot soup).

We started with the walkers, mostly to get the darn thing over with, and we were still passed by everyone who started half an hour later.....sigh.

We have another 2 weekends of back to back running (10k and 20k this weekend) and then we are as ready as we will ever be.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tick Tick Tick.....

I'm SO excited....

 Well, visions of sugarplums might be dancing in people's heads, but my head is filled with Gatorade and new shoes and staying injury free.

Many moons ago my friends and I ordered custom made running jerseys from a super wonderful Canadian company called Robena (www.robena.ca). Well, they came in the mail and I was so thrilled I could hardly wait to share them with Goofy Girls. It is making the whole process seem so my more real (realer?). Kind of like getting new clothes for school in June and wating to wear them right now!

Then in the mail I received my copy of iRun Magazine and I was in it....not ONCE, but TWICE! SO fun, so cool, so very awesome. I'm so neat I can't stand myself. Now I just need to get my hands on 20 copies so I can send it out in lieu of Christmas cards.

Speaking of Festivus.....I kept seeing these cool medal trees on FB and Pinterest, and finally I figured what the heck, I'd pull the medals off my 'dig me' shelf and bling the tanenbaum with my accomplishments. What's more amusing is that I've got another 7 or so that aren't on there yet......I think I need a bigger tree!

Only a few more long runs left before the big show.....and we've reached the point where the back to backs are 15 and 30 and 16 and 32. It's no wonder that things amuse the heck out of me after I've been on my feet that long. For example, I literally 'ran' across this in the cemetery during the 30k we did on Sunday. It's a HUGE massive stone monument of an RV, notice the wheels under it. I was momentarily speechless.

On that note, with a few more long runs before we taper, I will leave with this thought: