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mickey mouse

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

who knew I had a fin?

So I discovered the hard way that if it's not broken don't fix it.

For some reason I got it in my head that I needed to change my shoes. I've run in Nike Lunarglides for so long that I can't remember what my old shoe brand even was. Years, different colours, same shoe, over and over. Then, when I started training for Around the Bay this last time I thought to myself 'self, why not get some long-distance style shoes?'

I didn't head to Zellers, or Play it Again Sports. I didn't pick 'cause the colour of the shoes was pretty (though I tried). I went to a reputable store, got fitted, and chose my new shoes that way. Flash forward, run the Bay (the back half), run a bit more. Owie, foot hurts. Moan a bit, suck it up, that's the price you pay for running, right? Hit physio. My Physioterrorist treats my knees and we start chatting about my foot.

She says 'tendon damage' and hits my foot with a brick.
She also says 'get out of those shoes, you're over correcting and supinating and hurting yourself'.

Bye bye new shoes. Hello weeks of trying new shoes, icing, elevating and resting (forget compressing, it makes me want to throw up).

Make the mistake of asking Dr. Google what I might have, while lying down one Thursday night with my foot elevated over my head and an ice pack on it. Dr. Google says 'hey, look, a stress fracture, better stop running right now for 6 weeks'. It should be noted that I'm now 3 weeks away from running my first full marathon. I have the Oasis Zoo 5k to run Saturday, followed by a 20k training run on Sunday. So I ask Dr. Google what would happen if I run on a stress fracture. He's got nothing good to say about the idea.

I figure I might as well ask a REAL MD, so I haul myself to a walk in clinic. The funny doctor says 'well, I don't have x-ray vision, so we need to get an x-ray of your foot'. Smarty Pants ;-). Friday brings an x-ray and waiting for results. Because I'm basically insane, I'm still planning both my runs regardless of the results, and now asking friends if they have an extra air cast I can borrow.

Saturday rolls around and I'm standing in my corral waiting for the zoo run to start, when my phone rings (yes I run carrying my phone). It's the doctor's office, I don't have a stress fracture. Whoo hoo!

But what do I have?

Dr. Google is no help, there's too many bits and pieces in your foot that you can screw up. Real Doctor on Monday says 'you have a Dorsal flexor strain'. Who even knew I had a fin in my foot? How come I can't swim? She shows me a stretch I can do, tells me not to wear flip flops or sandals anymore, and wishes me luck on my marathon.

So now I have a new pair of super-stability shoes I can't wear, two new pairs of shoes I CAN wear, a neat new injury to add to the list, and clearance to run as much as I want. I call that a win!

p.s. Anyone need a pair of Progrid Stabils, size 9?

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