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Sunday, 16 September 2012

I went to a training run and a race broke out

So I'm amused. I have a sort of bucket list, and on it has been to run a Terry Fox run. I must have done it at some point in my youth (somehow I don't recall it at all), but I haven't run it as an adult. I feel an affinity to Mr. Fox, as I saw him run through Thunder Bay on his Marathon of Hope, and if you know much Canadian history, you'll also know that his run ended in our city, and there's a wonderful monument there to his valliant effort.

This morning was my 30k training run for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and it also happened to be the day of the TF Run. I knew that 30k wasn't 10k (the max at Terry), so I was resigned to the fact that I'd spend yet another year not doing the charity event. I got up at 6am, pondered not running at all, and then figured I wasn't getting any closer to marathon distance by lying in bed. Texted my running buddy Angel (that's her with me above) and we planned to run the back half of the Around the Bay route as an out-and-back (15k each way).

We started at the Steam and Technology Museum on the Hamilton side, and ran into Burlington across the lift bridge. As we neared Spencer Smith Park we noticed a crowd, a start line, tents, all evidence of a run.....

What do runners who are 7k into a 30k training run do when faced with a start line? Look to see what's going on and how we can sign up! At first we thought it was a run Angel had done last year, but nope, turned out to be the start line for the Burlington Terry Fox Run.

The course was a 5k loop, so my math inclined buddy figured we could run it 3 times and then run back to the car....it should be noted that the TF Run is a 5k or 10k, and we were going to run 15k.  We registered and joined the start line. Two loops (10K) in, we 'finished' the official race and stopped for a hot dog and cookie. Then we went back for another 5k loop and toasted our success with a slice of pizza (they had GREAT post race snacks!).  The squirrell I was running with also came away with 2 Lara Bars and an apple :-).

Back to the car, slogging along for the last 8k....have to admit it was one of the funnest runs I've had in ages, and such a great way to support a great cause while also getting our miles in.

Kudos to the team organizing the Burlington run. Smooth start, beautiful course, great volunteers, cool post (or mid) race snacks. Would I do it again, totally!

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