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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Final Finish Line

As a runner, as a mother, as a citizen of the planet, I'm heartbroken over the events at the Boston Marathon.

I've always been sort of paranoid, I hate to fly, and I've got issues galore about things that keep me up at night.  Now someone has tried to take away the one thing that I did which didn't scare me.

From my desk at work I watched Twitter and Facebook feeds as friends and friends of friends and total strangers crossed the finish line in Boston. I felt the pride I feel when my fellow athletes succeed at something that's tough to gain entry to , tough to train for, and tough to finish.

Then, the bombs went off.

I can't imagine being there, I can't fathom running into the fray (as so very many first responders did). The saving grace is that the finish line was filled with people qualified to give aid, ambulances ready to transport, and (hopefully) photo and video evidence that will help capture the inhuman being that did this.

There's a horrible feeling as a parent when something happens and you can feel it like it's coming toward you. Knowing that an 8 year old boy was a victim turns my heart inside out.  As a runner, knowing that there are people who lost limbs, who may never walk (let alone run) again, shakes me to my core.

Imagining the fear of the runners who were stopped and re-routed, knowing as a slower runner that my faster friends would have been ahead of me somewhere in the mayhem.

Several groups on Facebook and Twitter suggested wearing a race shirt today as a tribute to Boston and to salute the fraternity that we all belong to every time we lace up our shoes. As a runner of the Around the Bay Road Race, I have a collection of shirts with the tag line 'Older than Boston' on the back. I thought as a way to pay homage I'd put a 'bib' on the back.

Tonight, a group called the Run Junkees is hosting a virtual run in support of Boston.

Tonight my running friends and I will gather to run.

This weekend I will run the Toronto Yonge Street 10k. Do I feel safe? Yes, as safe as anyone can feel in public. Do I belive that the organizers, just the the ones in Boston, have and will continue to do everything they can to keep us safe? Yes.

Will I think of Boston and the runners each time I cross a finish line? Yes, for a long time.

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