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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I sent a plea out to my running friends, asking if they'd consider donating a medal or two to Medals4Mettle as I've become the Hamilton ON Coordinator of this amazing charity.

A few days after my message was sent, I got a reply from my friend and coach Rick Hellard from iRun Magazine's "So You Think You Want to Run a Marathon, eh?" contest that I won. His advice and council got me through the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and it's amazing to ponder all that man has accomplished.

He said that he had a 'few' medals lying around that he'd be happy to donate and that he could send them my way. We arranged to have a friend of his deliver them to the Around the Bay expo as I was volunteering there.

The huge heavy box of medals arrived and I realized that Rick's idea of a 'few' was more medals than I could amass if I ran every weekend for the rest of my life.

This photo didn't come close to giving a true look at the sheer number of medals....so I tried to sort them out (and apparently take a horrible photo). There must have been a hundred medals, everything from a 5K to multiple years of Around the Bay, to Marathons by the dozen.

Then I realized that there were several medals that I'd never seen in real life, including TWO Ironman Hawaii and Boston Marathon medal.

I had to take a moment to ponder the fact that I'll never earn either of those medals....and to send a silent thank you to Rick for so selflessly donating these medals to our cause. I was in shock, as a runner, since it's sort of like sending your Oscar to someone else who might enjoy it.

I'm so excited to start sending these medals out into the world....

And speaking of exciting, there's a VERY famous runner who might be lending his star power to our cause too......stay tuned :-)

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