mickey mouse

mickey mouse

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tick Tick Tick.....

I'm SO excited....

 Well, visions of sugarplums might be dancing in people's heads, but my head is filled with Gatorade and new shoes and staying injury free.

Many moons ago my friends and I ordered custom made running jerseys from a super wonderful Canadian company called Robena (www.robena.ca). Well, they came in the mail and I was so thrilled I could hardly wait to share them with Goofy Girls. It is making the whole process seem so my more real (realer?). Kind of like getting new clothes for school in June and wating to wear them right now!

Then in the mail I received my copy of iRun Magazine and I was in it....not ONCE, but TWICE! SO fun, so cool, so very awesome. I'm so neat I can't stand myself. Now I just need to get my hands on 20 copies so I can send it out in lieu of Christmas cards.

Speaking of Festivus.....I kept seeing these cool medal trees on FB and Pinterest, and finally I figured what the heck, I'd pull the medals off my 'dig me' shelf and bling the tanenbaum with my accomplishments. What's more amusing is that I've got another 7 or so that aren't on there yet......I think I need a bigger tree!

Only a few more long runs left before the big show.....and we've reached the point where the back to backs are 15 and 30 and 16 and 32. It's no wonder that things amuse the heck out of me after I've been on my feet that long. For example, I literally 'ran' across this in the cemetery during the 30k we did on Sunday. It's a HUGE massive stone monument of an RV, notice the wheels under it. I was momentarily speechless.

On that note, with a few more long runs before we taper, I will leave with this thought:

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