mickey mouse

mickey mouse

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I made an Art!

Okay, I didn't do it per se, I had someone talented do it.....

I think the pre-marathon stress is manifesting itself in fun ways. I keep cleaning at work, moving furniture around at the office and at home, and shopping. At least it hasn't come in the form of compulsive eating....yet.

I fell in love with some art I found at a site called jackandjillydesigns.com.  Long story short, found her from the site of a site that I like. The pretty text, the lovely colours, I knew I needed something for the house. But what? Then it hit me, running art, everyone needs running art.

I tried to articulate what I wanted, and somehow they understood and created works of art that inspire me to run and will look wonderful in my happy home.

oh, and here's a link to the insanity that is my Marathon training:

trying to step away from the PayPal account.....

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