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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For, 'Cause You Just Might Get It

I know that runners will almost think this was a 'normal' idea, but non-runners and other sane folks will see it for what it is....slightly barking mad.

I was reading iRun Magazine, and they had a fun contest called 'So You Want to Run a Marathon, Eh?'. The criteria was simple: Have never run 42.2 before, have the desire to do so, and the time/energy to pull it off in 12 weeks.

Hummm...can I? Should I? Will this undo years of therapy (phyisical AND mental)? It never hurts to enter, they can always not choose me.

Whoops! Guess who got picked? There's 5 of us, running the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. We get the benefit of a tranining plan, a nice online trainer, entry into the marathon, and who knows what else along the way.

This should help me with the training for the Goofy, since I've got to get to an insane distance to pull that off too. As I was walking to work today I started to think about this. Much like being pregnant, it occurs to me that this has to come out SOMEWHERE, at some point, and no epidural in the world is going to dull the pain.

Grit your teeth, buy some new socks, get up early, run at lunch at work. Nag all your running friends to keep you company on the long slogs.

The clock is ticking.....

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