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mickey mouse

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Frost bite on my lady bits

SO, I've made a discovery. Just call me Christopher Columbus (or however you spell that). More important that messing up heading for India, I've discovered that I don't like to run in the winter.

Information that would have been usefull WAYYYY back when I signed up for the half marathon training program that forced me to run through rain, wind, sleety snow, snrain, ice pellets, and drivers bent on forcing me into snow banks to evade them 'Death Race 2000' style.

My goal race for the training program was this little thing called the Chilly Half Marathon. I should have been tipped off by the name, but, silly me, I thought it was 'cause they serve chilli and beer after the race. Yep, that too. There's also a wonderful, face freezing wind blowing off scenic Lake Ontario as you schlep your way on an out-and-back course that has no redeeming features. None, nothing to look at, unless you count the faces of pretty much EVERYONE else as they make the loop and run back toward you.

So there I was, thinking I could PB on this course....nope
I was thinking I could keep up with my running buddy...nope
I was thinking that the chilli and beer would be worth it...nope
I was thinking 'can you get frostbite on your lips'?...pretty close

What I learned is that if a race has 'chilly, frosty, frozen, sub-zero, arctic, hell-frozen-over or hypothermic' in the title it's probably not the race for me.

Did you know you can sweat when it's like minus 15 with the wind chill?

Next run, a couple weeks from now, this jaunt called the Around the Bay....but I'm 'only' doing 15k that day. And people wonder why I want to run in Florida?

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