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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Winner Winner, chicken dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So sometimes you should stop while you're ahead. In my case I should quit entering contests for race entries. Now granted I enter stuff all the time and don't win (like all the Get Out There Magazine Spring contests).

A while ago I sent a photo to the awesome folks at the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon of the tattoo I got to commemorate the first Half Marathon I ever ran. The dude is the logo of their Marathon. There was a contest for tattoos related to the race. Win number one!

They were kind enough to mail my prize to me, which was a pair of super cool pair of running gloves. 

Then I thought it would be fun to enter a couple more contests, one through the super awesome women at Glam Runner (whom you might remember for the Self Magazine Tutu flap)
They had a contest for a race entry to this race:
Le Chocolat Half Marathon in Windsor ON: complete with Firefighters, wine at the finish, chocolate and fun.....

and a TUTU of your choice. All you had to do was take a selfie  Needless to say I happen to have a huge cut out of a cookie at the office and so I laid down to take a photo. I submitted it and low and behold I won!

Now I've got a wicked cool tutu coming to me and I am running a half marathon in about 3 weeks (EEEK, get back on the dreadmill Crusher).

Following that I was a little too quick on the draw and volunteered to be the 'sweep' at one of my favourie races, the Chocolate Race in St. Catharines. That means that (again in MAY) I will be running (well, walking). This time it's 10 miles (16k) bringing up the rear to bring the last folks home.  FUN, I feel the need to buy balloons and wear the tutu again.

And once more just for fun, I entered a contest, this time with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Brooks folks (you'll remember them as the first full marathon I ran)

They had a Facebook contest to have folks say what they'd do to win an entry to the race in October. I said I'd run in all Brooks head to toe with a tutu (see the theme) and sing songs that were requested by people during the race. 

Yep, I won again! 

If you're keeping score, I now have THREE races in May (two halfs and a 10 miler) - Cleveland Rock and Roll is the third one- AND a new half marathon in the fall.

People are starting to ask me to enter contests FOR them......

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