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mickey mouse

Monday, 28 May 2012

Estrogen Based Life Forms

So this past Sunday I ran the Toronto Women's Half Marathon for the second time. I have to admit I was motivated almost totally by the promise of the pretty necklace that doubles as the medal you get when you cross the finish line.

My running amigas made the trek into the big smoke with me, and we lined up to start our adventure. My friend Trishia, who's lost half her body weight, was running her first 1/2. Jennifer who's become a skinny speed demon was running HER first half, Lori who's got a ton of running under her belt was running another half, and my pace bunny buddy Emily was tasked with keeping my butt moving.

The weather was beautiful, with a light breeze and some sun. Sunnybrook park was lovely, trees and flowers and trails leading us 21.1K.

Jen took off like a shot, we only saw her when we turned around for the out and back loops....goes to show what training will do! Lori wasn't far behind, but her leg got the best of her and a torn meniscius (sp) hobbled her around the 16k mark, allowing Emily and I to finally catch up with her. We walked in together (no man left behind) and then stayed to cheer Trishia as she happily ran across the line.

I realized that it was the first race I'd ever done more than once (unless you count the ATB 5K which I don't). So now I have new bling, sore knees, and a sense of accomplishment. I don't think I'd make it as far as I do without my running buddies...they keep me going long past when I'd normally take off my shoes and sit on a bench...or bribe a medic to bike me back to the start line.

Even though I'm normally brining up the rear, I could not be prouder of the women who go before me. Do I was I was faster? Sure. Do I wish I could have run it in under 2:30 like Jennifer? Yep. Is it going to happen? Nope. So I will celebrate my friends' accomplishments like they were my own, and celebrate mine as well. I'm still 21.1k ahead of a lot of people, and that's good enough for me!

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